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1. What services do you provide?:

  • Summer time
    • Landscape Maintenance: Our Maintenance packages are fully customized to the customer's needs. Our Fertilizer packages are based on scientific soil tests insuring that your lawn receives the nutrients it needs and nothing is wasted. We can provide anything from a basic fertilizer package to full landscape maintenance services including cutting, trimming, pruning, weeding, fertilizer, clean up etc.
    • Landscape Construction and Design: We can provide any Landscape Construction needs including: Garden renovation, Driveways and walkways, Paving stone, Natural stone, Steps, Retaining walls, Patio and outdoor entertainment areas etc. From concept to creation, and including ongoing maintenance, we’re a one-stop shop for all of your property management needs.
  • Winter time
    • We provide Residential and Commercial Snow Removal.

2. What area do you service?:

  • We are based out of Guelph, Ontario and service the surrounding communities.

3. How does soil testing help?:

  • Soil testing allows us to apply the nutrients that your lawn needs to insure the best environment for turf grass growth this results in the turf being able to compete against unwanted plants and insects and grow strong and healthy. No nutrients are wasted and the plant is not starved for anything.

4. What does the soil test tell you?:

  • Our soil tests tell us levels of the following: pH, Organic Matter, Phosphorous (P), Potassium (K), Magnesium (Mg), Calcium (Ca), K to Mg Ratio, Sodium Base Saturation and Cation Exchange Capacity as well as Soil Texture. It also provides recommendations for product applications to assist in the adjustment of the soil environment to insure optimal conditions for turf grass growth.

5. What turf grass maintenance practices do you utilize to insure that you are environmentally friendly and that allows a lawn to grow pest free and healthy?:

  • Our turf management practices are based on providing a healthy environment for your lawn that allows the turf to out compete unwanted plants and insects. We employ the following:
    • Cutting heights of 3 to 3 ½ inches.
    • Cutting frequency that insures that no more than 1/3 of the grass blade is removed at any one time.
    • Use of sharp, mulching lawn mowers that helps to return nutrients and organic matter to the soil.
    • Soil Testing to determine needed nutrients and other products to maximize turf health and competitive ability.
    • Regular fertilizer application based on soil test results.
    • Watering slowly, deeply, moistening soil to a depth of 6 to 12 inches and as infrequently as possible.

6. What costs am I looking at?:

  • All Landscape Maintenance packages are customized to the individual's needs. Lawn care packages are based on area and nutrient requirements based on soil testing. It would require a representative to visit your property to provide you with a cost for our services. All quotes and/or proposals are provided free of charge.

7. Do you use plows for residential snow removal?:

  • No. Our residential snow removal packages include season long snow removal and ice control using snow blowers and shovels only. This insures that there is no damage done to the surrounding landscape and allows us to clear your walkways, city sidewalks, steps, porches etc.

8. What do you use for ice control in the winter?:

  • We do not use salt to melt ice. Salt damages concrete and kills grass and other plants. We use a product called ecoTRACTION, this product provides traction on slippery surfaces but does not melt ice and more importantly does no damage to concrete or plant materials and is not dangerous to children or pets. Check out their web site:
Landscaping Guelph Landscaping Guelph Landscaping Guelph